Neely Gaddy, DVM

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Neely Gaddy, DVM

Dr. Gaddy received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in General Medicine from St. George University in Grenada, West Indies in 2021. She has worked at Handsboro Animal Hospital as a technician for the past four years during her summer breaks from vet school.

Dr. Gaddy is still dating her high school sweetheart of eleven years, Nicco Clemons. They have two dogs, Bausten, a 10 year old American Staffordshire terrier, a nine year old Boxer named Jinxx, and a cat named Mace that Dr. Gaddy brought back from the Caribbean.

In her spare time, Dr. Gaddy enjoys painting, digital art, tennis, and traveling. A fun fact about Dr. Gaddy is that while in the Caribbean, she helped deliver eggs from a leatherback sea turtle, moved the eggs to safety, and then protected them from poachers overnight.